I am a left-brain, color inside the lines girl with a right-brain heart attempting to write my first book. This blog will share my pitfalls, lessons learned, and takeaways as I march toward something more than living a day-to-day life. If this site encourages even one person to take that first step toward achieving their own “something more”, then I consider it a success.

Please share your experiences, feedback, tips, insight, criticism, or anything at all with me in the comments or via e-mail.


Ampersands: I find there is something vaguely intriguing about the ampersand. An innate beauty in this one tiny yet significant key. The ampersand carries a certain style; elegance and grace packed into one little character. By definition, an ampersand is a coordinating conjunction connecting non-contrasting items or ideas. But ampersands also embody connecting in other ways  – to ideas, to progress, to other people. Fun fact: When looking closely at the shape of the ampersand (&) you can see the abstract shape of the letters e and t. The ampersand character is stylized from the Latin word et, which means and.

Oh’s: I entered this project with my eyes wide open, acutely aware that I know what I know (which is very little), and I don’t know what I don’t know (which is a lot). I have had, and fully expect to continue to have, many, many, many moments when I learn something new or finally grasp a concept I have struggled to understand and just say to myself “Oh”.

Ampersands&Oh’s: Put the two together and we have connecting  and “Oh” light-bulb moments.

Shift+7 forever!

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