If I Only Had a (Right) Brain


I am certain that if the world united and made a list of things we don’t need, another amateur author blogging about writing their first book would be very close to the top. I feel like a pretentious, vapid cliche even thinking about it! So, why am I doing it? What makes me special or more qualified to write a book than any other fool with some gumption and a MacBook? Nothing, and that is exactly the point.

I am just a regular girl, someone you would pass on the street without giving a second thought. I have a successful career, great friends, healthy interests, and a BUT. Do you ever have those? You know, you think to yourself “I have a great life, BUT…”. For me, that BUT was this: I have a great life BUT there is something missing, something more than just day to day living. I want to do more, be more, have a passion, live with purpose, let the spark inside me ignite like wildfire. I am tired of settling, tired of accepting less, and tired of letting fear or self-doubt tell me I can’t. I decided to stop wasting time dwelling on the what-ifs and redirect that energy into writing a book – with no training, experience, or knowledge. Smart, right?

I am a creative soul that was accidentally given left brain logic. I would love to be gifted in the creative arts, but am more prone to analyzing, strategizing, and “being realistic”. Growing up, my dad always told me that I had hell and pepper in my hair. I still don’t know what that means exactly, but I took it as a compliment and I think he meant that I do what I want to do, and if I don’t know how then I won’t quit until I figure it out.

This little blog is going to be a brutally honest reflection of the book writing process from start to finish. I will share absolutely everything that I learn and try, including the frustrations, embarrassing mistakes, small triumphs, and if alcohol helps as much as I hope it will. If my book never gets published, if no person alive but me ever reads it, that’s ok. Because I wrote a book, by myself, from scratch, and that’s pretty damn cool. If one person finds this blog and it helps them to write a book of their own or inspires them to tackle something they have been afraid to try, well, that’s pretty damn cool too. So, here’s to you, readers – let’s do this thing!

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